Time travel is one of the great mysteries of the universe. Some scientists claim time travel is possible – theoretically. According to Youtube, some people claim that evidence of time travel has been caught on tape. And some individuals even claim to be legitimate time travelers for special government projects. If it’s on the internet, it must be true, right?

If time travel is possible, I would love to go back to the early 1990s and make my way to the Binion’s casino in Las Vegas, which is famous for taking proposition bets. At Binion’s I would make bets that in twenty years, by 2014, ‘singer’ Vanilla Ice would have a TV show about rebuilding houses and that rappers Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, of the group NWA, would sell a headphone company called Beats to Apple for $1 billion and be an actor making family movies, respectively. Given what they were each famous for in the early 90s I’m sure I would get 1,000,000 to 1 odds. Once I collected my money from those bets, I would use time travel to go around righting all of the wrongs of history.

It’s fun to speculate about how we would use time travel, but we have to accept that until proven otherwise it is still a figment of science fiction, however it is possible to slow down time. Specifically, the right exercise program can help slow down the effects of the biological aging process.

Yes, that’s correct. Exercise effects human physiology in such a way that it is possible to slow down and possibly even reverse the effects of biological aging. Chronological aging is the actual amount of time that has lapsed since you were born. Biological aging refers to the condition and function of human physiology and exercise can have a direct effect on biological aging to slow it down.

If you don’t want to wait for time travel to become a reality but are interested in learning how exercise can help you retain your youth, here 7 ways that exercising with an ActivMotion Bar can slow down or reverse the effects of the aging process.

  1. Multiplanar movements, especially with a shifting mass, can strengthen fascia and connective tissue while lengthening it the result of which is adding more collagen parallel to muscle fibers. Adding more collagen to muscle and fascia can restructure it in a way that allows it to behave and function like younger tissue. The more you move in multiple directions. the more collagen it can add to the tissues helping them become stronger. Here is an example of a multi-planar movement with the ActivMotion Bar: the corkscrew lunge.
  1. The same multidirectional strength training that can add collagen to muscle tissues can also add collagen to the skin helping it to remain pliable and elastic. It can cost thousands of dollars to have collagen injections for younger-looking skin but that’s expensive and painful. Here’s another exercise with the ActivMotion Bar that can help improve the structure and appearance of collage and skin.
  1. Doing a lot of repetitions with light resistance can improve mitochondrial density. Mitochondria are the structures in muscle cells which use oxygen for energy; if cells add mitochondria it can promote and improve cell health. Exercise with the ActivMotion Bar can provide a cardio respiratory stimulus that can help improve density and function of mitochondria leading to healthier functioning cells.
  1. Sarcopenia is the normal loss of lean muscle that accompanies the normal aging process. This happens after the age of 35 and can accelerate if individuals do not perform any weight-lifting exercise. Heavy weights are not necessary, but it is important to exercise to the point of mild fatigue to increase lean muscle mass. Adding muscle mass can reduce the effects of sarcopenia while helping improve resting metabolism. This ActivMotion Bar exercise can be used to increase the strength and shape of hip muscles.
  1. Osteoporosis is the loss of bone density that occurs with the normal aging process and can cause bones to become weak making them more susceptible to breaking in a fall. Strength training exercises with the ActivMotion Bar places a mechanical stress on the bones which respond by become thicker making them more injury resistant. The Ice Skater exercise with the ActivMotion Bar is a GREAT way to increase density of the lower body bones.
  1. Balance is the process of maintaining the body’s center of gravity (located around the belly button) over the base of support (the legs). Static balance is the act of maintaining stability without movement, dynamic balance is the process of maintain control and stability during normal upright movements. Dynamic balance is an important component of coordination. Training dynamic balance can improve coordination and movement skill both of which can help you move like your younger self. This Reverse Lunge progression is my favorite ActivMotion Bar exercise for developing dynamic balance. In addition, the shifting mass of the ActivMotion Bar challenges the body to work harder to maintain control and balance through ANY exercise using the AMB.
  1. Improving flexibility is an important component of maintaining both joint health and reducing soft-tissue injuries during the aging process. When joints move through a complete range-of-motion (ROM) it helps them improve strength and function. As muscles lengthen and shorten to control joint motion they become more efficient at functioning and become stronger which can reduce the risk of many minor strains or injuries. Performing full, complete movements with the ActivMotion Bar can help improve joint ROM while strengthening the surrounding tissues – a win-win for helping mitigate the effects of aging.

There you go, seven ways that we definitively know how exercise can slow down the aging process. You don’t have to wait until the invention of the flux capacitor to control time, following this lower body workout with the ActivMotion Bar can help you experience all of the effects described above.

Thanks for reading!

How do you make time stand still?

Pete McCall, M.S.

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