Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder with symptoms of bradykinesia (slowness of movement), hypokinesia (reduced movement and/or inability to produce movement), akinesia (rigidity, lack of movement such as an arm swing), tremors and more. For people with Parkinson’s, Exercise is Medicine! It needs to be done daily. Here are a few benefits of exercise: Ease…

Here is a great series of movement for shoulder mobility and core stabilization combining ActivMotion Bar with a foam roller. To learn more, visit

See ActivMotion Bar Master Instructor Leslee Bender’s favorite Pilates Reformer exercise here! To learn more about ActivMotion Bar and ActivMotion Bar education, visit our website at

ActivMotion Bar Pilates

ActivMotion Bar is becoming a go-to prop for Pilates instructors all over the world! Check out this quick illustration how the shifting mass of the ActivMotion Bar heightens the senses, activates the core and challenges the mind-body connection like never before.

Lets get creative! In this episode, we are using some 2×4 planks of wood (compliments of Home Depot) to up the stability and balance challenge of our exercises! To learn more about ActivMotion Bar, visit

More great ActivMotion Bar exercises in this 5 Moves, 1 Minute (ish) episode! To learn more visit our website at

Thanks for checking out the first ActivMotion Bar video newsletter of 2018! To watch the Pilates education content referenced in the video, please click here. We wish you an incredible 2018! – ActivMotion Bar

Welcome to our new video exercise series, “5 Moves, 1 Minute”. In this series, every episode we are going to show you 5 new moves in 1 minute (ish). Some episodes (like this first one) may be a little longer than 1 minute…but they will all contain awesome core, balance and proprioception exercises. Enjoy! –…

Is your New Year’s Resolution to exercise more, lose weight, build muscle, get more toned, improve balance, or a combination of the above? Most people begin the New Year with lots of positive energy and great intentions as they set out to accomplish their New Year goals, but quickly fizzle out as they realize how…



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