Check out this 27-minute ActivMotion Bar core workout routine! In this workout, the instability provided by the shifting ball bearings inside the ActivMotion Bar will totally rock your core from front to back and side to side! To learn more, please visit our website at Enjoy!

10 Minute Plank Workout by ActivMotion Bar

Check out how the new ActivMotion Glimpse Bar is made! The new Glimpse Bar gives the user a “glimpse” of the shifting ball bearings inside the bar. Try to keep the ball bearings within view for an incredible core-centered balance and brain challenge! **Note that the actual Glimpse Bar is much smaller than the demo…

Get ready…the new ActivMotion Glimpse Bar will be here soon! See the ball bearings 👀 inside the bar and activate the brain and body to stabilize like never before! This new product is launching June 27th online and at the IDEA World 2018 Fitness Convention in San Diego, California! Stay tuned for more information and…

On Wednesday, May 23rd, over 250 fitness professionals from across the globe joined us for a 50-minute webinar to learn the basics about core and balance training with ActivMotion Bar. Watch a recording of the webinar for FREE here. Enjoy!

How is your balance?? Test it by watching this video! Along with providing a balance assessment and balance exercises, this video also shows fitness professionals and physical therapists how to screen clients and patients for balance problems and fall risk.



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