Combined Training is simply the integration of the body as a whole during functional movement patterns (or movements that prepare us for life and sport). In essence, we combine all areas of the body to accomplish a given task, as opposed to segmenting specific muscles or muscle groups. This allows us to get the absolute most out of each and every exercise and train the entire body as an integrated unit.

Think about it. In life and sport, we do not move in rigid, one dimensional patterns like we do when we exercise on a weight machine. In life and sport, we bend, twist, shift, balance, step, leap, crouch…and often we do many of these things simultaneously.

So, combined training takes this into consideration and trains the body in a wholistic, three-dimensional way that maximizes core strength, balance, and muscle activation. Using the ActivMotion Bar during these exercises has incredible benefits. Because ActivMotion Bars are hollow and filled with weighted ball bearings that shift dynamically, this “shifting resistance” forces the body to work harder to stabilize itself and keep balanced during any exercise. In fact, ActivMotion Bars were shown to activate muscles of the core nearly twice as much as other static weighted tools like medicine balls and Body Bars in a 2015 University of Michigan study.

Check out the video above for some great combined training exercises!

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