2:30 pm — 4:30 pm
Upside-Down Pilates
1111 Nu'uanu Ave. Suite 213

Honolulu, HI 96817 United States
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This is the ActivMotion Training workshop that every facility and fitness professional should experience!
ActivMotion Bar™ Training is an innovative training modality that promotes efficient movement patterns and exceptional core and joint stability strength by using the unique unstable stimulus created by the ActivMotion Bar™ (AMB). This course will teach you how to leverage the unique ActivMotion stimulus in one on one, small and large group environments to dramatically improve your clients’ fitness levels, whether your clients are beginners, more advanced fitness enthusiasts or athletes.
You will leave this event with knowledge of the science behind ActivMotion training, teaching skills to accommodate all levels of fitness, and new ideas for designing endless ActivMotion workouts that are innovative, effective and fun!
**This workshop will focus heavily on Pilates Training movement patterns along with some yoga patterns in addition to some of ActivMotion Bar’s foundation movements that are adaptable to just about any training environment.
Equipment needs: ActivMotion Bars provided

CEC’s/CEU’s: .2 ACE, 2 AFAA, 2 NASM, .2 PMA
Contact: Lisa Orig – info@upsidedownpilates.com

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