This is a simple three-step user guide to show you how to get the most from your ActivMotion Bar at home . . . RIGHT NOW! You know that using the AMB is one of the best ways to activate muscles, burn calories, increase strength and build balance . . . but you may be a little unsure how to use your AMB to its full potential. This guide will give you everything you need in a simple, easy to digest format so that you can quickly and confidently begin obtaining all the incredible training benefits AMBs offer. (And if you are wanting a full program, learn more about our IGNITE 60-day in home training program Indiegogo campaign here)

Step One: Storage
Put your ActivMotion Bar somewhere you can easily access it. The more out in the open it is, the better (No, really – if you do not see it, you will be less likely to use it). ActivMotion Bars store incredibly easily, so this first step is one that should be pretty simple to conquer.

Step Two: Plan Workouts
We have content in place to get you started out right. This includes DVDs, our free app, and wall charts. On the flip side, there are a number of other tools available to you so that you can create your own workouts. Here we will cover all the tools and resources available to plan your workouts (until the new IGNITE home training program arrives)

1. How-To
Learning the basic usage instructions of the ActivMotion Bar is very important. Here is a great resource (click to play):


2. DVDs
There are 7 ActivMotion Bar Training DVDs currently available to you. They are:

Level 1 Foundation Builder – A 30-minute routine to kick off your use of the AMB. Great for beginners and less advanced individuals.
Level 2 Progressive Movement – A 30-minute routine for more advanced fitness enthusiasts.
Level 3 Dynamic Performance – A 30-minute routine for those who are advanced and want to push their core and balance training to the limit!
Golf Fitness – A great combination of routines for golf specific core strength and muscle activation.
Total Body Toning – A series of three 10-minute routines for women focused on the development of core strength, balance and flexibility.
Fit at Any Age – A series of three 10-minute routines for the Active Adult focusing on balance and coordination.

Training System – A workshop for personal trainers and group fitness instructors on how to use AMBs with clients.


Here is a bonus!!! A link to the Level 1 Foundation Builder DVD can be viewed here: 

3. YouTube Workouts
Some of our friends and education partners have developed workouts for you to do at home with your ActivMotion Bar! Here are a few of our favorites:

20 Minute Full Body Strength Workout with Tony Horton (Halloween Theme!):


10-Minute Core Workout Challenge:

ActivMotion Bar Pilates Workout (24 minutes):

Full Body ActivMotion Bar Workout (10 minutes):

There is a TON of ActivMotion Bar content on our YouTube Channel as well:

4. Free ActivMotion Bar App
You can download the ActivMotion Bar app on your Apple or Android device for free! The app contains lots of the DVD content noted above, and also offers many individual exercises for you to pick and create your own workout.


5. Wall Charts
We offer a 10-movement training circuit wall chart along with a golf fitness wall chart for those who prefer to have visual guidance in a format that is not electronic.

activmotion-poster-final-v4   Golf_Poster_Large

6. ActivMotion Bar Website
You can reference over 40 exercises in our online exercise library here:

7.) Creating Your Own Workouts
Finally, if you prefer to do your own workouts that include other equipment, you can integrate your favorite AMB exercises into your current routine. For those of you just starting out, but wanting to take your own approach, creating a list of your favorite AMB exercises that you have learned by referencing the materials and resources above is a great way to get started. You can create mini workouts so you can target and scale your training. We like 10-minute sets of 5 exercises. Put the routines together so they are easy to remember and you can get better at them, quickly. This approach offers you the ability to change the order of the exercises and/or the exercises themselves to prevent your training from getting stale or boring.

Here are three sample 10-minute routines:

Sample 1- All Core
Complete this circuit four times with as little rest as possible between movements:

1. Heel Taps (30 Seconds)
2. Superman or Back Extensions (30 Seconds)
3. Side Bends (30 Seconds)
4. Squat Paddlers (30 Seconds)
5. Skater Swings (30 Seconds)

Sample 2- Balance and Lower Body Stability
Complete this circuit once with as little rest as possible during the workout:

1. Single leg Bridges (1 minute each leg)
2. Side Plank leg lifts (1 minute each leg)
3. Reverse Lunge, Balance, Press (1 minute each leg)
4. Hinge Point and Reach (1 minute each leg)
5. Forward and Reverse Lunges (1 minute each leg)

Sample 3- High Intensity Athletic Style Circuit
Complete this circuit four times with as little rest as possible between movements:

1. Seated Paddlers (20 sec work/10 sec rest)
2. Sit Up Cross Touch (20 sec work/10 sec rest)
3. Lateral Bounding (20 sec work/10 sec rest)
4. Steering Wheel Squat (20 sec work/10 sec rest)
5. High Plank Reach (20 sec work/10 sec rest)

Do what you can! Complete one, two or all three workouts in one session for a total body blowout. Or start with 10 minutes and work your way up….as the proverbial Nike® slogan says…Just Do It!!!

Step Three: Make it a Habit
Set up a workout schedule on your calendar. Make training a habit by setting a reminder or putting the schedule on your phone.

Note: The IGNITE home training program will come with tools to help you make exercise a habit. Workout calendars, goal trackers, meal planners, and even a daily journal that integrates some of the most powerful techniques for creating lasting change will be included.

Have questions? We are here in our Michigan-based office from 9am-5pm EST. Give us a call at 1-888-400-1045 or email us at for prompt answers to all your questions.

The ActivMotion Bar is an amazing tool for training. Let’s start now!!

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