NEW! ActivMotion Glimpse Bar (Preorder Only)

$139.99 $99.99

The new ActivMotion Glimpse Bar is here! This new ActivMotion Bar comes in only one weight (4.5 pounds) and one length (4-feet).

The new Glimpse Bar is different from the standard ActivMotion Bars in that users can SEE (or get a GLIMPSE of) the ball bearings inside the bar. This visual feedback allows for an even greater balance challenge.

The three white ball bearings in the center of the bar act as your guide or ‘level”. Try to keep them in the center of the bar during any exercise, and experience mind-body activation like never before!

ActivMotion Glimpse Bars are available for preorder only and will begin shipping at the end of September 2018.



Being a Dad is rewarding yet stressful! As a wife, son, or daughter, you want to be sure that your special guy is taken care of this Father’s Day. What better than to give the gift of incredible core strength and balance?! The ActivMotion Bar (AMB) is a great, simple fitness gift that utilizes shifting…


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