In the spirit of the United State’s largest and best fitness professional trade show, IDEA World, coming up this week in Los Angeles, California from July 13th-16th at the Los Angeles Convention Center, we thought it would be appropriate to share some of the trade show best practices that have worked well for us from a vendor standpoint. Keep in mind that the best practices below are directed towards in booth activities. Be sure you prepare your show strategies and presentation well in advance!

1.) Hone Your Pitch

You have about 10 seconds to grab the attention of attendees walking into or by your booth. Know what you are going to say to them ahead of time. Practicing your “elevator pitch” will allow you to be on point with new prospects every time you engage in a conversation. Do not take this lightly! Preparation is the key to success at industry events. Your pitch should be concise and delivered enthusiastically.

2.) Don’t Wait for Attendees to Approach You

People (even trainers) are shy and intimidated by new products and services. You are going to have to work to get people into your booth. At all times, booth staff should be standing tall with strength and excitement. Direct staff to be inviting and show genuine, friendly enthusiasm as they walk around the perimeter of the booth in attempt to get people to experience your offerings or learn more!

3.) Get Their Information!

Most large events like IDEA offer badge scanning devices or apps, where you are able to scan attendee badges and automatically have their contact information uploaded to a database which you will have access to following the event. Aside from scanning badges, in the event you are collecting business cards, make notes on the cards related to the conversations you have with leads and drop the cards into a bucket, box or some other designated area that allows you to aggregate them. This process eliminates the possibility that the cards get lost or misplaced. Finally, if all else fails, be sure booth staff are each given a notepad and pen for note taking during the event. This will be a last resort if the attendee does not have a badge or a business card, and will allow key information to be captured by booth staff and accessed at a later time during show follow up.

4.) Turn Major Leads to the Leader

At IDEA, booth staff will be speaking to individual trainers with no purchase decision making power all the way up to the presidents of some of the largest fitness businesses in the world. If you and/or your staff are speaking to a higher up or get asked a question and are not sure how to answer it, having a person or leader in place that can be accessed at any time is key. Make sure someone in your booth knows your products or services inside and out, and serves as the go-to source of all detailed or more in depth information.
5.) Speak With Passion and Energy, From the Perspective of Yourself

Fitness professionals are passionate, so you and your staff need to be on the same wavelength of energy when communicating with attendees. Be sure you all are excited to share your valuable knowledge with them! When doing this, feel free to not only speak about your products and your best customers, but also allow staff to speak to their own experiences with your products and/or services. This validation is key to making attendees feel comfortable and confident that your solutions will add great value to their studio or club.

6.) Everyone Walks Away With Collateral

Be sure that nobody walks away from your booth without a piece of information about your offerings in their hands!

Hope this helps all of you vendors and fitness professionals out there attending IDEA or considering exhibiting your products or services at a fitness industry event! ActivMotion Bar will be at IDEA World in booth #515 all day, every day this week offering demos, contests and tons of giveaways! Please stop by, say hi and try our awesome products. See you in LA!

ActivMotion Bar

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