4 ActivMotion Bar Isometric Moves 1.2.15Circuit-training and interval training programs are incredibly beneficial for developing strength and improving your cardiovascular efficiency. This dynamic training is helpful for losing weight, athletic training and improving overall health conditioning. However, sometimes doing less is doing more. Endurance training by way of isometric contractions helps increase strength through static moves with a limited range of motion. Because of this, isometric exercises are great for anyone rehabbing an injury. Here are four examples of ActivMotion Bar isometric exercises to add into any workout routine for greater body awareness and core activation. Unless you are very strong and have impeccable motor control skills, you will always be tipping the bar back and forth slightly as you attempt to keep the internal weights in the center of the bar during these exercises! Be sure to hold each exercise for 30 seconds to two minutes.

1)    Wall Sit

Why stand when you can sit? Toughen up those legs with a seated wall sit against any bare wall. Hold an ActivMotion Bar of your choice above your head or at your chest, and try to keep it stable as the internal weight shifts.

2)    Bicep Curl Hold in a Sumo Squat

Step your feet out wide with your toes turned out. Bend your knees into a deep squat while holding an ActivMotion Bar straight out in front of you. Keep your elbows soft, your pelvis tucked under, your abs strong and your chin up. Hold this position static! You can see in the image that I am having a tough time keeping the bar parallel to the floor as the weights inside the bar shift!

3)    Double Leg Stretch

Pilates is the gift for your core that keeps on giving. Lay flat on a mat with your legs straight up in the air. Hold the ActivMotion Bar above your chest with your arms straight and your head, neck and shoulders off the mat. Take a deep breath in and on an exhale, reach your arms above your head and reach your legs down toward the floor at a 45-degree angle. Only goes as low as your core feels it. If your low back comes off the floor, that is your stopping point. Fight to keep the moving weight inside the ActivMotion Bar centered at all times (this is very challenging, but stick with it!)

4)    Reverse Tabletop

A great way to open up your hips while working your glutes, triceps and back is a Reverse Tabletop. Start seated on the floor with your knees bent. Place an ActivMotion Bar on your hips. Next, position your hands near your rear end and push your hips up to the sky. Try to keep the bar still while engaging your glutes and keeping your hips level.

Implement these exercises into your traditional or circuit-training workouts for an incredible mind-body, core and metabolic burn!

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