While pacing indoors as the snow comes down may burn a few calories, a thirty-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout with the ActivMotion Bar can take your fitness goals to a new level! Stop using the weather as an excuse not to work out and start warming up!

Here’s a 30-minute HIIT workout to get your leaner and stronger by winter’s end.

You have one easy to follow circuit. Take 30 seconds to recover in between exercises.

 1min. Jumping jacks with a shoulder pressb2ap3_thumbnail_AMBJumpingJack2



         30sec. Rest


1min. Jump overs


         30sec. Rest


1min. Sumo Squat Jump (try to keep the bar stable as the weights inside shift)!

b2ap3_thumbnail_AMBSumoPlyo1 b2ap3_thumbnail_AMBSumpPlyo2


         30sec. Rest


1min. Burpees with a push-up



         30sec. Rest


1min. Speedskaters

         30sec. Rest


1min. Reverse lunges with a twist (Alternate feet, and rotate towards lead leg. Try to keep your bar stable and quiet)!



         30sec. Rest


1min. Shoulder raise with alternating tap backs (hold bar out front and alternate tapping back between feet).



         30sec. Rest


1min. V-sit with rotation (rotate from side to side while holding this v-sit position)



         30sec. Rest


1min. Lateral lunges with a sweep


         30sec. Rest


1min. Squat Paddler


         30sec. Rest


Repeat the entire circuit one more time and you are finished! You are sure to melt the snow off your roof with this core-blasting metabolic ActivMotion Bar HIIT Workout!


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