Named Golf Digest’s Best Fitness Tool for 2017!

Lengthen, Strengthen and Activate the Core for Better Performance on the Course

ActivMotion Bars provide golfers with a simple, effective means of activating, lengthening, and strengthening the key muscles involved in the golf swing. The innovative features of the dynamic ActivMotion Bars make them uniquely effective in improving performance at the range and on the course.

Get the 4.5 pound for warming up and/or the 6 or 8 pound for your golf fitness workouts.


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  • Increase Strength and Mobility

  • Enhance Your Swing

  • Improve Your Game

  • 10 Minute Warm-Up Exercise

  • 20 Minute Golf Fitness Workout


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4.5-Pound ActivMotion Bar

The 4.5-pound ActivMotion Bar fits easily in your golf bag for a dynamic warm up prior to play or practice. Order yours today!

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