In this video, YouTube Physical Therapist star Dr. Jo shows some advanced shoulder exercises with the ActivMotion Bar. Whether you are rehabilitating a torn rotator cuff muscle or looking to increase strength and stability in your shoulder and scapular regions, this video will highlight some excellent exercises!

ActivMotion Bar Yoga

Check out this ActivMotion Bar Yoga workout! It is a wonderful routine for mind-body activation and the development of greater core stability and balance.

This core workout is titled “Core 2” and is part of the IGNITE Functional Training program by ActivMotion Bar. In this video, experience intense core training sequences that will build strength and stability in your entire body!

Balance ActivMotion Bar

Check out this 20-minute video on the science behind balance for a comprehensive look at the mechanisms that govern balance along with the best balance training protocols!

This 25-minute sequence is loaded with all sorts of great functional movements delivered in a high intensity, heart rate boosting format!

Join ActivMotion Bar Master Instructor Robert Sherman as he highlights 9 activation exercises that are sure to create strength and stability from the inside out!

Golf Fitness Core Strength Exercises ActivMotion Bar

Check out these exercises for golf specific core strength and stability. Whether or not you golf or train golfers, all of these moves will not only help build deep rotational strength, but swing rhythm and coordination as well!

Experience movements inspired by modalities like Pilates, barre and yoga in this 15-minute circuit style workout focusing on building body awareness and core stability.

Want to create strength and stability in the lateral (side to side) plane of motion? Check out this exercise sequence using the ActivMotion Bar! In each of these exercises, the focus is on movement in the lateral plane against the resistance provided by the dynamic shifting ball bearings inside the ActivMotion Bar. University research has…

Interested in how to ignite and grow those roughly 100 billion all-important neurons that make up your brain? You’re definitely not alone. There are two primary reasons why brain health continues to receive increased attention across the fitness and general healthcare industry. First, research continues to unveil the miraculous powers the brain holds not only…



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