Check out these great progressions for helping older adults, seniors, and those with dementia stay strong on their feet by combining agility and balance challenges!

Try combining ActivMotion Bar exercises with the balance platform of your choice such as a BOSU Ball, Airex Pad or Strong Board Balance Trainer for next-level balance and core challenges!

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Balance Exercises ActivMotion Bar

Our 4-part Brain Balance Boost series begins with part 1 – Sensory Training. In this short segment, learn about balance exercises that particularly target the sense systems of vision and touch. Research article referenced in video can be read here:… To purchase ActivMotion Bars, visit:

Balance ActivMotion Bar

Check out this 20-minute video on the science behind balance for a comprehensive look at the mechanisms that govern balance along with the best balance training protocols!

How is your balance?? Test it by watching this video! Along with providing a balance assessment and balance exercises, this video also shows fitness professionals and physical therapists how to screen clients and patients for balance problems and fall risk.

ActivMotion Bars News, September 2017. For more information on our company, fitness education and products, visit ActivMotion Bars are hollow, and each hollow bar is partially filled with weighted ball bearings that glide smoothly and gently within. When used in any workout/training setting, ActivMotion Bars become an incredibly powerful teaching and training tool. As…

Improving aesthetic appearance, losing weight or enhancing athletic performance are three popular reasons for starting an exercise program. While we want the benefits from working out, not many of us will walk into a gym or health club and tell the staff we have something that needs to be fixed; yet many of us are…

Time travel is one of the great mysteries of the universe. Some scientists claim time travel is possible – theoretically. According to Youtube, some people claim that evidence of time travel has been caught on tape. And some individuals even claim to be legitimate time travelers for special government projects. If it’s on the internet,…

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