Golf Fitness Core Strength Exercises ActivMotion Bar

Check out these exercises for golf specific core strength and stability. Whether or not you golf or train golfers, all of these moves will not only help build deep rotational strength, but swing rhythm and coordination as well!

Try these ActivMotion Bar core strength exercises for massive gains in your core strength and stability!

Want to create strength and stability in the lateral (side to side) plane of motion? Check out this exercise sequence using the ActivMotion Bar! In each of these exercises, the focus is on movement in the lateral plane against the resistance provided by the dynamic shifting ball bearings inside the ActivMotion Bar. University research has…

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Yes, the ActivMotion Bar is a great tool for training balance. The ball bearings shifting inside the bar will activate the brain and body in completely new ways, heightening body awareness and increasing balance. But sometimes we just want to rock out. In this video, we use the ActivMotion Bar to complete some crazy plank…

Combined Training is simply the integration of the body as a whole during functional movement patterns (or movements that prepare us for life and sport). In essence, we combine all areas of the body to accomplish a given task, as opposed to segmenting specific muscles or muscle groups. This allows us to get the absolute…

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