Golf Fitness Core Strength Exercises ActivMotion Bar

Check out these exercises for golf specific core strength and stability. Whether or not you golf or train golfers, all of these moves will not only help build deep rotational strength, but swing rhythm and coordination as well!

While pacing indoors as the snow comes down may burn a few calories, a thirty-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout with the ActivMotion Bar can take your fitness goals to a new level! Stop using the weather as an excuse not to work out and start warming up! Here’s a 30-minute HIIT workout to get…

Circuit-training and interval training programs are incredibly beneficial for developing strength and improving your cardiovascular efficiency. This dynamic training is helpful for losing weight, athletic training and improving overall health conditioning. However, sometimes doing less is doing more. Endurance training by way of isometric contractions helps increase strength through static moves with a limited range…



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