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  1. In all my years of personal training the ActivMotion Bars are the most beneficial equipment in my gym and can be used by every one of my clients. As far as the education is concerned…I enjoy the DVD’s and the webinars and again, they are the most useful educational tool I have and use.

  2. Hi,

    Just wanted to say thanks for great products. I use ActivMotion Bars in my Parkinson’s classes and the members really feel the added muscle stimulation and brain engagement.


  3. I use the AMBs almost daily with almost all my clients. I’m working on developing a golf fitness class using the bars. I love them. My clients love them. I’m a happy girl right now. Keep the training webinars coming. I enjoy those too!

  4. Just bought 9 of them for a new small group format we are running. Members love to hate them, lol!

  5. I have had my ActivMotion bars for about a month and my clients absolutely love them.  I ordered a 6 and 10 pound.  Great tool to dial up the intensity on almost all movements.  Definitely challenges their balance and recruits their core in places they usually never feel it – all the small intrinsic muscles.  I have several clients, who practice yoga regularly, and have superb balance and they appreciate a tool to increase their core and balance recruitment during training

  6. Love how this tool teaches core activation and body awareness.
    Thanks for a great tool.

  7. Can’t say enough good things about AMB. Our classes are full and people are loving the added engagement the bars provide. You guys make my business better!

  8. The ActivMotion Bars have added significant value to our one-on-one and small group training business at LTF. Members love the elements of newness and effectiveness that the bars provide; 90% of the time, the first thing we hear them say after a workout is, “That was fun, and I have never felt my core that engaged!

  9. Our staff enjoyed the ActivMotion Bars so much when we visited the courses offered at EMPOWER. Listening to our students, we came back home and made the decision to purchase bars for our group exercise team at The University of Iowa. We were delighted to have Derek visit our University and train our staff on the methodology of coaching with the bars. Our staff thoroughly enjoyed his leadership and teaching and have enjoyed incorporating the bars into their classes.  We are excited to continue to add ActivMotion classes to our schedule. They have been well received on all fronts!”

  10. I have been a NSCA-CPT personal trainer for the past ten years. I currently work in a gym where I teach various fitness classes and I also do in-home personal training. I had gotten a few emails about the ActivMotion Bars and decided to order my first set. I started to use them right away for myself as well as with my clients. I have always asked my clients to engage the core, but it can be a difficult concept for people to understand; they think they are doing it, but usually aren’t. With the ActivMotion Bar their core is automatically engaged, which is the best feature about these bars. I love that they can challenge someone new to fitness or the professional athlete. I recently ordered am looking forward to attending a workshop or getting a certification in the near future. I also want to say that the customer service has been exceptional. I highly recommend these bars to anyone. You will get strength, balance, and core all in one workout.

  11. I have used ActivMotion Bar products for both the military and my civilian Boot Camp Instructor Course. I am extremely impressed that ActivMotion Bar created such a high quality weighted bar with a portion of the internal weight rolling from end to end ever so slightly, making it possible for me to experience an external stimulus during eccentric load movements that result in an exceptionally more effective workout…each time. ActivMotion Bar is unmistakably the bar that moves you!

  12. As the corporate director for group fitness at Sport&Health and U.S. Fitness, it is my job to stay on the cutting edge of fun, effective and innovative programming for our group fitness classes. The ActivMotion Bar is the most exciting new concept I’ve seen since the BOSU! The depth of variety this tool brings to fitness programming is amazing. It is challenging but adaptable for all fitness levels, versatile with numerous applications for a wide variety of classes and training, and brings a fresh new vibe to our program. The feedback we’ve received from our members is extremely positive, and the programming is attracting new participants into our classes.
    Club managers will be happy to know it is also affordable and easy to store.
    We’re outfitting all our locations with the ActivMotion Bar, and I consider this to be the next staple in fitness programming.

  13. ActivMotion Bars – more core, more better.

  14. My clients love to hate me more now because between the TRX, battle ropes, kettlebells, BOSU ballast ball, and now the ActivMotion Bar, there are no limits as we know.

  15. Since working out with the ActivMotion Bar since early Oct I have seen a great increase in my flexibility around my hip area (that’s great for a 63 year old). I use the bar about 15 min.a day 4 days a week can’t wait for the real golf season to see how much distance I have gained back.
    Thanks for the great product.